The NGO "Yoga and Sport for Refugees" appears as a response to the Mediterranean humanitarian crisis, in which thousands of people fleeing the war risk their lives to reach European coasts. These people are abandoned and isolated in southern Europe, closed in refugee camps with inhuman conditions.

Sport for refugees was born in 2017 on the island of Lesbos in order to accompany refugees, dignify them and defend human rights that are continually violated in camps like Moria, which recently has become the greatest shame of Europe. In the camps, there is a sustained situation of violence, sexism, conflict and despair. Is in this latest issue where we can make the greatest impact; helping them to not loose hope and end up with the anguish of spending up to 3 years just to be able to leave the island and the refugee camp.

Our organization wants to empower refugees and migrants through sport, integrate them into the community, and improve their physical and mental health so that they find a way out of monotony, frustration and stagnation of their current situation.

In addition, one of our fundamental objectives is to get refugees from being users of sports activities to trainers in charge of their own projects, so that they can be integrated into the community and gain security and self-confidence .

Our activities break with ethnic and religious barriers, generating a meeting space and cooperation between cultures where everyone participates.