Martial arts have become one of the most important projects of the ONG, being one of the activities with the highest number of users. Everyday a lot of people participate, and all the teachers responsible of carrying out the activities are refugees from Lesbos who have a great experience in the field. Contact sports are very important in the countries of origin of many of the users, as almost all practiced them before arriving to Europe. This allows them to resume an activity that they developed in their routine prior to their escape to survive.

YSFR understands that recovering those activities in which they feel comfortable helps them to not perceive everything on the island as a hostile and practice sports that they like and which represent a form of consecration of the soul and the body from sobriety and self-control. This activity is translated into a great deal of benefits both physically and psychologically: it helps them to canalize the energy, anger and tension; motivate discipline and emotional management; and above all it is a way to calm down and find peace from the respect of peers and coaches.

Some martials arts that we do are Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Muay Thai.