In Yoga and Sport for refugees there is people from all over the world, there is a mixing of cultures, religions and languages. We want to establish a link between cultures through sport so that everyone feels integrated and part of the community.



Doing sport with people from all over the world we cross the limits of national borders. When we do sport we have partners and rivals, we share equipment and objectives; the important thing is to achieve the challenge, everything else loses importance.



YSFR is an area of respect towards the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that in the article 2 says: "... no distinction will be made based on the political, legal or international status of the country or territory to which a person, whether independent or under fiduciary administration, if it is not autonomous, or is under any other limitation of sovereignty. "



At YSFR we do not want anyone to set limits when we talk about sports, we want everyone to maximize theirself, always move forward and never surrender. We understand competition and effort as values for self-esteem, which dignify the individual and give an objective during the forced stay.


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The situation in which refugees in Lesbos are currently living is shameful and denigrating. We want them to regain dignity, participate in the community and build trust in their own capacities, recovering responsibilities, rights and duties.



In addition, other values that form the basic structure of our NGO are fair play, team work, education, solidarity and engagement.  So are discipline, hardwork and team spirit. We want everyone to share our values and proudly say: “I gave hope to my peers, I have worked hard for a better future, not only for me, but for an entire community”.

We talk about community because through our projects we want to share Hope and Love.

RUN and FLY.