We never said it was easy to start training and build strength.
but we are here to work with you. 

We are building a team of coaches and volunteers now in Lesvos (Greece), creating the first team of multi-sports refugee athletes.

What you need is motivation and we will drive you in that direction.

You are a refugee fleeing your country for various reasons, you are already doing sports or you are very motivated to start practicing: you are the athlete that we want to train with and push. 

To join our team of refugee athletes in Lesvos, you just need to start here. Come and join us in One Happy Family Community center everyday for trainings, yoga sessions and more !



Personal trainer

Kamara is a passionate athlete and coach. He has been practising football, tennis and basketball and has always been taking care of his body. He has a lot of experience in bodybuilding and in cardio trainings. He is now giving personal trainings to very motivated students twice a day. He is attentive to the needs of each one of them to make them improve at their best. 

Kamara is a very dedicated trainer and he is very motivated to have more knowledge about athlete nutrition and anatomy related to sport.



Hamid Moradi Jamal

Fitness and Cardio Coach

Hamid is a very new athlete. He started doing sport when arriving to Greece and he is now developing his abilities and strength progressively (and very fast!).

He started running in the end of 2017 and he achieved to be ranked 4th in his first trail race in Agiasos in March 2018 (22kms with 1200m of ascent).

He follows almost every sport class provided by Sport For Refugees and practices kickboxing as his favorite sport. 

He is learning and coaching everyday to give challenging and very efficient fitness classes. 

Sport For Refugees is very happy to have such an humble and passionate athlete in its team.